About Us

Libra Pools was established in March 1999. We started off as a small company, but our dedication, enthusiasm and commitment to our clients, saw us growing to a strong business that serves the whole Free State. Our aim is to maintain personal contact with our clients and rendering a high quality, fast and efficient service. We have an excellent record regarding safety and we understand that our clients also value their own and others’ safety.

We install a large variety shapes and sizes fibre glass swimming pools, as well as relining of pools and installation of solar panels or heat pumps.   We assist with any queries regarding your swimming pool. If you are not sure what type of swimming pool to install, what size or shape – or whether a salt-chlorinator or regular pool is best, we can provide advice – taking your personal circumstances, needs and expectations into acount and with your own, your family’s and/or friends’ safety in mind.

We pride ourselves in providing a quality service, while never forgetting the human aspect; we understand that the little ones want to swim soon and that the pool should be done in time for that upcoming function.  Contact us for all your swimming pool needs and products, while enjoying friendly, helpful and dedicated staff.