Libra Custom Pools


Size 4M x 3M
Depth 1.2m – ±13000L


Size 5M X 3M
Depth 1-1.5m ±19500

6 X 3

Size 6M X 3M
Depth 1-1.5m ±20000

6.1 X 3.5

Size 6.1M X 3.5M
Depth 1-1.6m ±24000

8 X 4

Size 8M X 4M
Depth 1-1.5m ±40000L


Size 6M X 3M
Depth 1-1.6m ±20000L

Our packages consist of the following:

DIY kit:
The pool with mosaiks, a light, weir and jet together with the pump, filter and waterproof db.
Semi Installation:
The pool shell with mosaiks around the edge of the pool with a light, weir and jet.
Full Installation:
This includes the supply and installation of the pool with light, weir and jet, the supply and setup of the pump, filter and db box, a complete cleaning set together with a suction machine. Throwing a cement rim, laying curbs and paving (together 1m wide) around the pool.